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If you have a young girl at your home then you must use toddler hair bows because these are very common in the US. Hair bows make the hair more stylish and beautiful due to their beautiful styles and colors. There are multiple types of hair bows that you can use for your loved daughter or younger sister.

Girls love to wear hair bows on their hair to keep the hair fixed at a place after making the hairstyle. Because the bows don’t let the styling damage while they are worn. Hundreds of companies are producing and selling toddler hair bows in unique and different types. The cost of this product is very affordable and fewer, therefore, anyone can buy them for their loved ones. If you are a businessman of hair clips, hair bows, and other cosmetics items then you can get hair bows in wholesale. Because the cosmetics producers sell their products in the bulks rather than retails to the direct customers. In this way, the shop keepers or retailers get the cosmetics at fewer prices and they sell to the consumers at some high prices including their profit.

Types of Toddler Hair Bows

  • Tuxedo Grosgrain Bows
  • Trendy twist bows
  • Felt Bows
  • Modern twist bows
  • Classic bows
  • Butterfly Bows
  • Emily bows
  • Chelsia boutique bows
  • Lace bows
  • hand tied bows
  • Mia bows

Tuxedo Grosgrain Bows

Tuxedo grosgrain bows are the smallest hair bows that are available in multiple colors. These hair bows are one of the most beautiful bows especially for the baby girls that have sensitive and silky hair. Moreover, these hair bows are also very affordable.

Trendy twist bows

Trendy twist bows are basically contained 2 individual bows in which one is tiny and the other one is bigger in size. Both are connected with each other but there is a little difference between both of the bows. If you are looking for the most unique toddler hair bows then this is the right choice for you.

Felt Bows

These bows are fixed on the mini latch clips that make the hair bows more interesting and effective. In this way, the bows get a strong grip on the hair. The bows are used to style the hair and make them more beautiful and attractive by beautiful and colorful hair bows. Felt bows are one of the very important types of hair bows.

Modern twist bows

Modern twist bows is a very modern and stylish type of hair bows. These bows are very common all over the US. Because people love to use such bows for their baby girls. A number of colors are available in these bows in the market. You can choose the most suitable and desired one.

Classic bows

This is the simplest form of the toddler hair bows that the bows producers are producing in the wholesale. You can o to any retail shop or company that is selling these bows and et the desired color, size, and design.

Butterfly Bows

As the name has mentioned that there is a beautiful butterfly made of colorful soft ribbon. This is a very unique and baby friendly type of hair bows. The kids and young girls love such hair bows because they love butterflies.

Emily bows

This is a very unique type of toddler hair bows made with beautiful boutique style. The manufacturers of hair bows create a beautiful and amazing designing on the Emily bows that makes these bows more special.

Chelsia boutique bows

The best thing about the Chelsia boutique bows is that they are made in the classic grosgrain boutique style due to which people love them a lot. However, these bows are also very sweet in nature as they are made of light and decent designs.

Lace bows

Lace bows are the rich satin bows that are beautifully wrapped with vintage lace around the bows. This beautiful lace makes the bows very interesting and soft in nature that people love to use. There is a high demand for lace bows in the US. If you are looking for very reliable, soft, and beautiful hair bows for toddler then lace bows can be the right option for you.

Hand tied bows

There are hand tied bows that are made of different soft and skinny fabrics available individually. A person can easily tie the hair bows on the hair of its toddler. The best thing is that these bows are really soft in nature and are not harmful to the soft hair of the kids.

Mia bows

Mia bows are also a very unique and beautiful type of toddler hair bows. These hair bows are available in different shiny colors that make them more attractive and effective.


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