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Ways to Drain Blockage

Drains blocked again?. For a quick solution. We have just the right thing for you if you are in need of Drain Repair Bracknell or experiencing blocked drains, Beaconsfield. Dial-0800 1123 656. Your problem will be solved once and for all.

For the readers, who believe in “prevention is the best cure” and for whom it’s not too late yet should continue reading. How to not get your drains blocked. We all know the struggle of waking up in the morning have a good warm shower and realizing the drains are blocked or walking into the kitchen in the morning just to inhale the nasty smell coming from a damaged drain. Keep reading to avoid such little mishaps and live a smooth life.

Its only man’s nature to be careless and lazy at times. Blocked drains may not seem like a Big Issue. if let loose it is a hazard to One’s health. Here are the big no-nos to avoid drain blockage :

Sink and Dishwasher

Yes, we know it is a long walk from the couch to the fridge and dumping food in the sink seems like the best option. In the long run, it’ll cost u bucks that you could’ve used on something more useful. Even if you use a dishwasher don’t put in plates with food still in them. Especially rice, pasta or anything that survives. It is the most common cause of drain blockage in the kitchen as said by a plumber himself. Just walk over to the fridge or throw that food away. Wrapped up properly now

u don’t want to start another problem while solving one.

Another common mistake we attempt. Throwing the coffee grounds down the drain without any guilt. It sure is easy and less time consuming but goes hardcore on your poor drainage system. As it can get stuck in those pipes n cause you a lot of trouble. Which you could’ve avoided by throwing it in the trash or reusing it to make your food disposal (if you have one) smell better.

Putting too much washing powder in your dishwasher can also ruin your drain system as it is said “too much of anything is bad” that excessive washing powder your pour in the dishwasher can solidify in those little pipes blocking them

Bathroom and Toilet Drains

Hair fall (especially women’s)…… drains hate it as much as we do. We don’t realize that our body sheds so much hair every time we shower or bath not just from our head. Because those are the ones we notice. It’s typical for a bunch of hair to get stuck in the plug hole. Where we can pull it back from but if some hair manages to pass through that plug hole n stick to each other one by one After shampoo and soap flows through that hole and forms a gooey soft hairball.

This can be prevented by pre-brushing your hair or buying and installing a hair catcher in plug hole to save u some daily trouble n long term trouble

the wet wipes or the baby wipes we flush down our toilets thinking it’s just a couple of them. Well, these wipes are very clingy. They can cling to each other and anything in their way as they move to form huge balls of nasty things ready to block drains

then comes the luxury of baths. Bath salts & bath bombs. We may think what harm can they do they dissolve in the water. While these look like they have dissolved in the water little lumps still remain that can clump together or clinging onto debris already in your drain causing a slow yet big mess

A blocked drain can be a real pain especially if it leads to water damage in your home. If you’re struggling with baths and sinks that are slow to empty. It’s better to get them seen to sooner rather than later. Call the clearway plumbing to solve your recurring drain issues. They are  ready for your call for drain repair Bracknell, Berkshire or Beaconsfield


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