Why Is Custom Made Boxes For Products So Famous?

custom made boxes for products


There are numerous types of Custom Made Boxes for Products available in all the packaging companies. We can reach any of the packaging companies and get the desired type of custom made boxes. The use of custom boxes has become very common due to addition in the types and designs in these boxes. The manufacturers of different products pack their products in their favourite and most suitable packaging materials.

No doubt there are various packaging companies producing different types of products for their customers. But we always go to the right place where we find a quality, affordability, design, and a good custom packaging service. A good businessman always provides effective packaging to his customers no matter what he is producing. The customer always goes to the company, shopping centre, or shop where he finds the best packaging of the products he is producing. However, good packing of anything creates a positive impression on the customers due to which they like to come again. The custom bode boxes for products are coming in different materials like plastic, wood, cotton, and paper. These are the four major materials that are being used for manufacturing packaging boxes. We can discuss important types of custom made boxes in details.

Types of Custom Made Boxes for Products

  • Folding Boxes
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Rigid boxes

These are the three most common types of custom made boxes that every packaging company is producing in different sizes, shapes, and printing designs. Basically, there are multiple types of custom made boxes but these are the major ones so we can talk about them in details.

Folding Boxes

Folding boxes are very common everywhere as they have a very effective and customer friendly nature. There are 1, 2, and 4 caps of the folding boxes that close the boxes and then glue are used to let the box closed in the case of shipping something or selling the products in bulk. The nature of the folding boxes is eco-friendly because such boxes usually come in cotton or paper material. There are multiple types of folding boxes according to their shape. Square, horizontal, vertical, round, and cave shapes of the folding boxes are very common. These boxes are the true examples of custom made boxes for products because the customer can get them reshaped, resized, print according to the requirements and demands.

Every manufacturer has different types of customers with different natures. Therefore, the demand of the customer about the packaging of the products may vary from the nature of the business and the market. Folding boxes are very easy to open and close as there is no issue to open them easily because there is no locker but still folding boxes effectively close.

Corrugated Boxes

Here is the corrugated box one of the best customs made boxes available in different packaging companies. These boxes are completely made with cotton that’s why the nature of the corrugated boxes is very environment-friendly and are very affordable. The shape of these boxes can be of any type either square, vertical, horizontal etc. there are different cardboard flute sizes that are using in the corrugated boxes. These sizes are A-Flute, B-Flute, C-flute, D-Flute, E-Flute, F-Flute, AB-Flute, and BE-Flute. Such boxes are very commonly using for packaging the products for shipping and storing them for a specific time. Usually, these boxes are not printed because of their natural nature as they are the most traditional form of boxes.

If the name of the company and the product is essential in the corrugated packaging then the producers or suppliers use stamps or stickers on the boxes for identifying the product. Anyone can use such boxes as the custom made boxes for products. Because we can pack anything in the corrugated boxes except the liquid nature goods.

Rigid Boxes

When we talk about the rigid boxes one thing comes in our mind which is shoe packing. Because this is the most common use of rigid boxes. The cap of these boxes is separate from the box that which is used to close the box. Such boxes are not enough to secure as the folding boxes are. Because anyone can easily open or close the rigid boxes. Such boxes are coming in cotton, plastic and wood but cotton rigid boxes are the most common boxes in the market. Whenever we talk about custom made boxes for products cotton boxes comes first in the list. These boxes can be printed according to the requirements and desires. Because the shoe boxes also come in beautiful printings and colours. The size of the rigid boxes can be customized according to the size of the product.


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