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Postage boxes

Boxes are elaborated as a variety of containers and pouches for permanent use as storage, or for temporary use, often for transporting objects. Tables may be made of longlasting materials such as wood or metal, or of grooved fiberboard, paperboard, or other everlasting materials while a postage box is a specific type of box designed to send small parcels by post, available with or without attached strip. When the products are ready for shipping, they are wrapped and delivered via postage boxes. Basically, postage boxes are involved in save traveling of parcels and products.

Why do we require these Postage boxes?

If someone is starting a new business and focusing on determining his shipping strategies, he may be wondering as an are packaging boxes and envelopes for posting parcels. Shipping charges, including the money spent on the packaging of materials and its posting charges, can have a significant impact on his bottom line. In fact, 68 percent of businesses listed the cost of shipping as their biggest operational challenge. All fully prepaid unregistered letters, postcards, newspapers, packets, intimations and addresses receipts are sorted into the post box.

Qualities of the Postage boxes:

  • is solid
  • Used for multi-purpose.
  • Practical and easy to use.
  • Boxes are available in different sizes.
  • Is eco-friendly and recyclable.

Additional source or readily available on demand:

The postal boxes and the mailing boxes are highly approachable for sending parcels at a low price. Mailing boxes are perfect for sending products because they have enough strength to protect their content. They are easy to close and yes, thanks to their locking flat, and they are cheap.

Ø  POSTAL BOXES WITH the attached band

These postal boxes are equipped with an adhering seal long band which allows you to return the parcel. You won’t lose your time and your money thanks to them and won’t regret using them.


A range of various postal boxes is present to send CD, DVD or books.



Several sizes and shapes are prepared on demand. They are specially made to deliver documents, books, DVD and video games by post.



To protect documents during transportation, we use cardboard envelopes. Different sizes are available. Strong points of the cardboard envelope: very resistant, it will mail you


Take a look at our different sizes of self-adhesive “Documents enclosed” pouches which can place on your parcels to identify the content without opening them.

Cardboard postage box is still a specific packaging material in the industrial sector like a product packaging, in the postal industry like a shipping material or the moving industry like a transport box. Due to its availability in a different structure, the wall of the table counts in measuring the thickness of the plates. It contains several papers which are located among many flat papers.

Advantages of postage boxes:

  • a transport box to deliver a parcel or to move households
  • a shipping material by small parcels to post
  • Product packaging for every kind of products such as perfume, food, toys, computer, medication, etc.
  • a storage box to put away our extra things and other objects that we don’t use often
  • It is used in all fields of modern life, so one can’t neglect it

Easy to transport :

The boxes are handy because they take up very little space when not in use. One has to flatten it to keep it in a small place. One can ever decide to store dozens of flattened boxes together. That’s far more flexible than the rigid and hard plastic or wooden boxes.

That does not end here, even when the boxes are assembling in a box and contains goods, One can store it quickly back to its rectangular shape. One has to stack the boxes on top of each other. They are closed with robust flaps so the upper part of the box is flat and they can carry a pile of boxes.

 Postage boxes are available in different sizes

  • There are different types and sizes of cardboard boxes to respond to the growing demand of the market.
  • The packaging of postage boxes  is eco-friendly and has many benefits to the environment:
  • It is recyclable so one can reuse it to create new packaging, and it is biodegradable.

Packaging of postal boxes include

  • Payment and branding segment
  • Address and delivery information segment
  • Package Barcode segment and mail information
  • Users additional information segment
  • Endorsement Section
  • Service Icon Block
  • Service Banner
  • Postage Stamps
  • Postage Due Section


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