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pco car hire london
pco car hire london

Benefits of PCO car hire London:

PCO car hire London is a special license which is awards to minicab drivers after special training. It stands for public carriage office. This license is also referred to as Private hire vehicle driver’s license.

There are few conditions to be a driver of professional travel services for the convenience of customers. These are as follows:

  • PCO License
  • Young vehicle
  • Vehicle documents
  • Maintenance expenses
  • Android phone

PCO license:

If the driver has the PCO license already, it will be easier for him to be a driver. If an individual doesn’t have the license after registration with the professional company as a driver than the company can facilitate them in getting a license for free after training classes.

Young vehicle:

The car shouldn’t be older than 10 years otherwise it is not able to meet the company standards. The model older than 2010 is not acceptable. If the driver doesn’t have the younger car than he should buy the new one. It is very beneficial for him because a new car has a less mechanical problem as compare to the old one.

Moreover, he can enjoy the happiness of the new car as well. The customers will also be happy with the ride, as they always prefer to book the vehicle of good condition. It also has a good effect on the rating of drivers.
pco car hire london

Vehicle documents:

The documents of the vehicle should be complete and the driver must have the national identity card. For the overseas, there documents and registration should be legal and up to date.

Maintenance expenses:

The driver shouldn’t be worried about maintenance expenses. The driver can easily adjust the maintenance charges within rentals. Even he can be in advantage after that.

Android phone:

The driver must have an android cellphone to contact with the customers. As this is the modified service, the customers contact with drivers online through the company’s website. The customer can only book a ride by android phone and the case is the same for the driver. The pickup location, drop-off, name, and customer contact provided to drive by the app. Moreover, the app has the Google Maps navigation which is convenient for the driver as well as the customer. Hence, the driver must have an android phone.

Hence hiring a PCO car rental London is very beneficial for the customers due to the strict rules mentioned above. These rules and requirement criteria set for the better convenience of customers. Everything is in favour of a customer. The ride and the professional drivers for the safe rides as well.

Safe and cost-effective:

For the customers, there are uncountable benefits, but the Safe ride and affordable cost is always on the priority of PCO car hire London.

Every customer wants to have a safe journey. Either they are going to work, or any other place. The safe journey makes their mood fresh on arriving at their destination. Professional travel companies always offering customers to have a safe ride. Details of driver and car are share to them. Furthermore, they can share their trip status with their family and friends as well. The route by which the customer is going to the location is showing on the sharing person’s phone as well along with the ride and driver name.

The rides are always affordable than local taxis. The rates will be available before booking the ride. The rent is always affordable that’s why customers always prefer the ride. Moreover, the on and off discount offers are available for the promotions. The discount can vary from 10 % to 50%. This increase the happiness and preference of the customer as well.

These services are always provided by highly professional companies and the customer and easily search these agencies’ website by searching PCO hire London and enjoy the service easily.


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